UNDERGROWTH Collection, Autumn-Winter 2003/4


March 23rd, 2003


In a world faced with turmoil and destruction, appreciating each moment has taken on a new sense of urgency. Janet T. Planet understands this urgency and wants to remind each of us to find peace and beauty wherever we can, and revel in it.
Inspired by the forest strata and titled “Undergrowth”, Janet T. Planet says of this line, “it is my take on coping with the fear that is being forced upon us at this time and getting back to nature for answers.” Janet’s autumn-winter 2003-2004 collection is a luxurious escape that grew in Janet T. Planet’s imagination from a single quote from Peter Gabriel’s Darkness: “I have my fears, but they do not have me, walking through the undergrowth.”
The first grouping “understory”, takes its cues from bark and gnarled wood grains. The day wear pieces are transitional from summer to autumn and from winter to spring. In keeping with the colors and textures of the forest, silk net in sage green is used, along with espresso wool gabardine. Light pink coarsely woven silk is embroidered with layered organza, while soft batik cotton is appliquéd with silk and wool.
“Forest floor” is very three dimensional, with details emerging from the seams. The pieces, designed as a transition between day and evening, are rich with texture and contrast. Metallic burnt yellow lambskin is used along with dark taupe angora knit and hand dyed tufted silk chiffon. Traditional fabrics are combined with innovative nettings.
“Canopy” inspired coats and eveningwear in generous, sweeping shapes. A closer look reveals fine added detail. A rich silk duchess satin is combined with cappuccino colored winter linen and midnight blue alpaca wool. The fabrics are heavily embroidered with netting and detailed with antique buttons. The finale of the show is of course the wedding dress, and Janet T. Planet’s bride wears organza embroidered with twine and Marino wool.
The three sections of the show mirror not only the three levels of the forest, but also the spectrum of fear we encounter in life. It can range from personal fear within, to micro fear encountered every day or macro fear imposed on us by the world itself. All in all, Janet T. Planet’s fall/winter 2003-2004 collection is a truly exquisite and thought provoking escape.
UNDERGROWTH was exhibited at Fashion Week, March 2003.
Music by Amon Tobin –