Are you out there?Janet T. Planet is an experience design ninja, career innovator, mechanical engineer, marketing creative, fashion designer, and Chief Innovation Officer at The Fluent Group. She holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University in Canada, Fashion Design from the London College of Fashion in England and executive education from the London Business School. With her unique combination of education and experience, she brings design to business and business to design.

Janet began her career as an engineer in a chocolate factory, while in a parallel life she worked as an entrepreneur and successful fashion designer, exhibiting five fashion collections at Fashion Week. Next, she transitioned to marketing and innovation, which included a marketing role in Switzerland with Nestle’s Global Innovation Acceleration Team and time in the US managing innovation initially for WONKA, and then with expanded responsibility to include all Nestle confections brands. At Nestle, she was the leader of many transformational innovations, including dedicated retail spaces, e-commerce, partnerships, branded merchandise, interactive vending and other new business models.

In 2012, she co-founded a boutique innovation consulting firm, AfterViolet, in Los Angeles, serving a diverse client base including Nestle, Honda, The Avery Products Company, Optus and large multinational entertainment and hospitality companies. In 2015, Janet went on to join Fahrenheit 212, where she led the Ideas Practice – splitting her time between LA and NYC. In 2019, Janet joined The Fluent Group as a founding partner.

She continues designing today, specializing in creating unique stage clothing for musicians. Past design clients include Bjork, Jane Siberry, Emm Gryner, Kellylee Evans and Hawksley Workman among others.