NOW Collection, Spring-Summer 2004


September 20th, 2003


The time is “NOW” for Janet T Planet. The Spring/Summer 2004 collection is inspired by the concept of Time and its measure. It takes its cue from Alan Lightman’s Einstein’s Dreams, in which he ‘paints with the notion of time’.
“NOW” explores three different perceptions of TIME. The first is quite literal, the second more scientific, and the third both poetic and philosophical. The three approaches reflect the functions of the clothing created: business, casual, and evening wear.
Group one, Uh Oh’ Clock, presents business wear with a twist. Rust and natural coloured linen tops and pants are printed with whimsical clock faces. The cuffs of stretch rust and tan cord jackets sport stylized watch faces on the cuff and are further detailed with an elegant paisley silk charmeuse. By far the most literal interpretation of TIME, Uh Oh’ Clock takes its detail inspiration from antique clock faces and the inside workings of watches.
The second group of the collection is based on a more abstract concept of time. Called Hello Stephen, it is inspired by Stephen Hawking’s work on Quantum Physics and scientific models of time. Featuring casual wear, it incorporates sweeping curves and piping details on high quality stretch cotton twill in putty, stone and khaki. Airy, white crushed silk, layered with voile and tulle, as well as slinky white Italian jersey, hand painted in fuchsia and veiled in white and navy netting, give Hello Stephen an intangible quality reminiscent of a scientist’s endless search for answers.
The final grouping, titled WHEN THEN?, is inspired by photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope. The photographs, taken from such an enormous distance, make any reference to time irrelevant. In this space we can disregard time and its perceived restrictions on our lives. This timeless spirit underlies Janet T. Planet’s collection of evening wear. Metallic netting stretched over iridescent chiffon in green, sand and frosted purple, coupled with stretch satin detailed with embroidered net, are the fabrics that could make TIME stand still. The Wedding dress, Janet T Planet’s signature standout piece, features a bodice of silk digitally printed with a photograph of the Milky Way. – A long white satin faced organza skirt flows out in a colourful trim.
“NOW” merges essential basics with Janet T. Planet’s signature innovative colour and fabric combinations.
NOW was exhibited at Fashion Week, September 2003
Hawksley Workman made a special appearance as a model in the show, wearing tour clothes designed for him by JTP.

Music by Richie Rescue –