CONFECTIONS PRESS – Wonka Goes Retail with Toys ‘R Us Times Square


October 25th, 2010


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Nestlé Confections and Snacks debuted its first WONKA retail shop last week in New York City.

Nestlé Confections and Snacks debuted its first WONKA retail shop last week in New York City. Located on level one of the Toys“R”Us international flagship store, the shop offers sweet lovers a unique opportunity to experience WONKA’s world. Filled to the brim with fruity flavored and chocolaty confections galore, the Wonka store provides a sensory adventure in sight, smell and sound. Visitors, upon entering, are greeted by a 4-ft. tall WONKA hat displaying sweets. Swirled candy pieces seem to spring from a massive purple vortex, and WONKA Exceptionals Fruit Jellies surround a gigantic, scrumptious infinity wall, filled to the brim with every type of WONKA candy.
A tour of the confectionery site reveals larger-than-life candy mushrooms filled with mixed treats and a replica of the famous WONKA edible garden. A 21-ft. tree made of PIXY STIX and KAZOOZLE, complete with LAFFY TAFFY and FUN DIP flowers, anchors the space, while swirled sweets sprout from the not-quite-edible grass. SPREE and SWEETARTS seemingly fly through the air, while purple and gold twirling conveyors entice customers to grab a Scrumdiddlyumptious Chocolate Bar, Waterfall Chocolate Bar or a Domed Dark Chocolate Bar.
“The WONKA candy shop at Toys“R”Us Times Square is a glimpse into the fantastical, unexpected and delicious world of WONKA,” says Janet T. Planet, chief innovator for WONKA. “The sweet smells, dazzling optical illusions and vividly colorful candy foliage will feed the imaginations of candy lovers and WONKA fans alike!”
The store also offers in-demand WONKA merchandise such as T-shirts, tasty lip-balms and whimsical stationary.
“This is more than a retail space-it is an experience,” says Patricia Bowles, spokesperson for Nestlé Confections & Snacks. “With its interactive experiences and amazing retail presentations, Toys“R”Us Times Square is the perfect destination to host the first WONKA candy shop in the world.”

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