TONIC FROLIC Collection, Spring-Summer 2003


September 1st, 2002


JTP’s collection for Spring Summer 2003, TONIC FROLIC, was inspired by the remedies of the old south – the idea that clothes could act as ‘tonics’ for our bodies. Making tonics out of clothes is right up Janet T. Planet’s alley given her penchant for sensual contrast, captivating colours, stunning fabrics and unique details. The collection features tonics for three body parts – the eyes, the brain and the heart.
The “Eye Tonic” line of day wear features apple green as a detail colour. Asymmetrical details and wild eye-lash inspired prints are combined with traditional silkscreen and embroidery to create looks that are designed for the bold at heart. The Orange dappled “Skin Tonic” line of avant-garde designs is dressy and wearable. Sheer fabrics combined with crispy taffeta give unexpected details like big collars and over-sized cuffs. The “Heart Tonic” is unconventional evening wear with splashes of dark reds, flowing fabrics, tone-on-tone prints, and hearts of course, are printed and embroidered for a playful and romantic touch. The whole collection is brought together by Janet T. Planet’s inspiring palette of cool shades: milky blue, white, and silver grey.
To experience Tonic Frolic is to have your weary senses awakened and recharged.

TONIC FROLIC was exhibited at Fashion Week, September 2002.
Music by PLAID –