REVELATION Collection, Autumn-Winter 2002/3


March 23rd, 2002


The Revelation a.w.2002.3 collection features a cool colour palette: teal and ice blue, dark moss green, deep wine. Vibrant green covered in frost, white, gold and cool cream. Gorgeous fabrics and textures: soft knits, rugged leather, silk, and brocade.
These are classically designed clothes with plenty of twists. There are casually tailored cut pants with a wide brocade cuff, a funky blue and brown leather mini skirt with peacock blue silk ruffling from a side slit, a sexy silk dress cut on the bias with a playful checkerboard pattern in cream and gold. A bodice gripping leather halter delicately hand embroidered.  JTP created many of her own unique textiles for this collection – she boldly digitally printed designs based on industrial steel pipes onto silk creating an aquatic, romantic and flowing feeling.
The collection serves as a metaphor for the need to look more deeply beyond what we first see, to discover what is really there.

REVELATION was exhibited at Fashion Week, March 2002

Music by Robert Scott –